When the fire feels like it can’t be put out. When it surrounds you, overwhelms you, swallows you a-whole. When all you want to do is run and never look back, that’s when you stay. Thats when you scrounge up those tiny pieces of courage and stand. Stand to face the hell you’ve created. Stand and fight for another day.


Deafening Silence

via Daily Prompt: Sound

It’s funny how the sound of silence is sometimes the most deafening sound of all. For silence does not mean there is nothing left to say. Often in silence, you feel like you can clearly hear each and every thought going through the other persons mind. It’s just that they’re too scared to say it out loud and you’re too scared to call them out on it. In moments like these the silence seems to choke you, rob you of your ability to speak because in that moment you don’t know how your words will be received. That type of silence is the worst kind because not only do you know exactly what needs to be said ,you also know that saying it will change everything…


via Daily Prompt: Pretend


It seems to me that all we ever do is pretend. Give me one moment in one hour of one day out of all the days you have been alive, where u have not had to pretend. It isn’t even as though we make a conscious effort to pretend, we just do. Have you ever been completely truthful with the ones you live with? Have you ever laid yourself completely bare in front of the people who are meant to love you no matter what? I don’t think so. Our walls are always up. We don’t trust anyone enough to let them peep inside. When they do try peeping, we call it an invasion of privacy. It is in fact- us just being overly protective of our carefully constructed facade. Why must there be a facade? Why can’t we all, just do what we want to do and say what we want to say? Why do i have to read between your words and toy with my own at the same time? Why do I need to pretend?